Visualization of MM-THz waves

Visualization of continuous THz wave

Amplitude of THz wave (310 GHz)

Phase of THz wave (310 GHz)

Experimentally visualized continuous THz wave propagation. The frequency of the THz wave is 310 GHz. The THz wave packet is emitted from a horn antenna and propagated in the free space.

Visualization of the field evolution of the continuous waves in the terahertz (THz) range with high phase and spatial resolution is a new approach to the study of the physical dynamics of unique beams, such as nondiffractive, self-reconstructing, and vortex beams. As near-field visualization can reveal device dynamics, it is also useful for diagnosing the THz devices. Here, we demonstrate the visualization of the spatial–temporal evolution of freely propagating continuous THz waves by adapting the nonpolarimetric electro-optic (EO) detection technique to the self-heterodyne system.

The amplitude and phase of a THz wave (310 GHz) radiated from a horn antenna were simultaneously and precisely measured in the self-heterodyne system, in which two frequency-detuned free-running lasers were used both for the generation (photomixing) and EO detection of THz waves. The nonpolarimetric EO detection technique has solved an intrinsic problem of the conventional polarimetric EO detection technique, in which the sensitivity of the measurements can be changed drastically by the fluctuation of the polarization state of the optical local oscillator signal for the EO detection. As a result, field evolution could be visualized by scanning an optical fiber-mounted EO crystal (DAST) in a free space repeatedly.

Visualization of THz wave packet

Experimentally visualized THz wave packet propagation. The center frequency of the wave packet is 125 GHz. The wave packet is emitted from a horn antenna and propagated in the free space.

One of the applications envisioned for the THz frequency band is the possibility of its use in future wireless communications, where data rates of more than 100 Gbps are highly anticipated.

We are extensively investigating many topics of THz communication technology, such as THz wave generation, THz modulation schemes, THz antennas, THz transceivers, THz networks, etc.

In particular, investigation of THz propagation phenomena is important not only for THz channel characterizations, but also for the design of THz devices which are integrated with THz transceivers and antennas for real world use.

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